Private Junior Instruction and Packages

I am available for three lesson lengths. A shorter session allows me to see a player's tendencies and make recommendations on what he or she needs to work on. Longer sessions allow me to watch the student performing a recommended drill and to make additional suggestions. A full one-hour lesson gives the student more time to practice drills or allows the both of us to work on other aspects of their game such as course management, distance control, pre-shot routine or other important elements that are indirectly related to swing mechanics.

I regularly use video feedback with students to help them understand what their swing looks like vs. what it feels like. I regularly use a variety of training aids to impart the feel of what I am looking for them to do. In addition, I provide a written recap (via email) of what we learn and what the practice goals are for the student so we're both on the same page going into the next lesson.

Remember, golf is the game of a lifetime; there is no such thing as a quick fix. While my students may have 'Aha' moments, I stress that hard work and an understanding of one's self, body mechanics, mental propensities and pitfalls, nutrition and equipment all play a roll in achieving success on the golf course. Also remember, golf is fun. If you're not having fun, you're not playing golf!

I can provide golf clubs, let me know in your registration form.


Private Junior Lesson Rate - 2024

60 / 45 / 30 Minutes - Session
     $90 / $70 / $60


Special Lesson Package For Juniors:

Series of 5 (1 Hour) Lessons - $425 ($85 per lesson)

Series of 10 (1 Hour) Lessons - $800 ($80 per lesson)

Series of 5 (45 minutes) Lessons - $325 ($65 per lesson)

Series of 5 (1/2 Hour) Lessons - $275 ($55 per lesson)